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Oktoberfest at Signal Brewery & Taproom, 30 September 2023

Enjoy special beers and a sausage BBQ at Oktoberfest, held at the Signal Brewery Tap Room on Saturday 30 September 2023; part of the legendary Signal Brewery Pay Day Parties season.

For over 200 years Oktoberfest has been a wonderful celebration of beer and friendship. You can’t have missed this year’s Oktoberfest, it’s all over TikTok, and this has put us all in the mood for a knees up. So, whilst Oktoberfest’s historical home might be in Munich, we’re joining in the party and bringing Oktoberfest to Croydon.

At both the OG Oktoberfest and at many other Oktoberfest celebrations around the world, local brewers take the opportunity to craft unique beers especially for the event. And who are we to buck this trend?

With not one but three Oktoberfest-inspired beers, Croydon’s Signal Brewery holds our own Oktoberfest at the Tap Room on Saturday 30 September 2023 from 1pm to 9pm.

Pay Day Party

Throughout the summer we have been running Pay Day Parties – special events at our Tap Room on the last Saturday of the month to help us all celebrate finally getting paid again.

Our Oktoberfest is the final Pay Day Party of the summer so make sure you don’t miss this. A big fat 2-hour German-themed happy hour with delicious beers, an Oompah band plus sausages, pretzels and pizzas.

During die Happy Hour (yup, that’s German for happy hour!) beers will only be £4 a pint and all other drinks (including our own small batch produced gin, rum and vodka) will have a 25% discount.

Dom at Signal Brewery for Oktoberfest, September 2023

Special Oktoberfest beers you say?

Or Spezielle Oktoberfestbiere if you prefer! Our head brewer has been busy crafting three exceptional beers especially for our Oktoberfest.

There’s a fresh Helles Pilsner (5%), a slightly darker Märzen lager (5.5%) and a German-style cask ale. Märzen beer is the style typically brewed for and served in Munich at the Oktoberfest.

We’re serving these Spezielle Oktoberfestbiere as well as our usual Signal lagers and pale ales that you’ve come to love.

Special beer, special glasses

Our MD Charlie has been collecting traditional German drinking glasses (steins) from around the world and there are 60 or so to choose from so you can drink fantastic beer in the most traditional of ways.

Oktoberfest steins at Signal Brewery Croydon, September 2023

The earlier you get to Oktoberfest, the better choice of drinking vessel you’ll have!

What else is happening at Oktoberfest @ Signal Brewery?

Whilst traditional Oktoberfest wear is not obligatory, there will be a prize for the best dressed Oktoberfester! So, don your lederhosen and your dirndls, your felt hats and your waistcoats, swot up on your Trinklied and Schlagermusik (drinking songs and schmaltzy pop) and claim your prize.

Key Oktoberfest sayings

Do say

Noch ein Bier, bitte. (Another beer please)

Ich warte auf eine Freundin, aber ich hätte gerne ein Bier, bitte. (I’m waiting for a friend, but I would like a beer, please)

Ich brauche ein Bier! (I need a beer! Use this if you’ve had an especially hard day!)

Ich hatte bloß viel zu tun. Deshalb hab ich mir ein Feierabendbierchen verdient. (I just had a lot to do, so I deserve a little end-of-work beer. If further explanation is needed!).

Don’t say

Bitte nur ein kleines Bier. (Just a small beer please)

Wo ist David Hasselhoff? (Where is David Hasselhoff?)

Want to hear about more events at Signal Brewery?

Whilst this is our last Pay Day Party of the season there will be others that pop up from time to time so make sure you follow us on our socials.