GOING IN - KEG FIRST! Signal is an independent brewery near Croydon. Whilst for some brewers the usual route is to start by making cask ale, we made the decision to go with keg and our first beer, in 2015, was a lager.  The aim was something unfiltered, full of flavour with a clean aftertaste and not crazily fizzy. We achieved this by using very natural brewing techniques; fine ingredients, staunchly no preservatives or additives and a lower carbonation level. 4 years on, we now supply a portfolio of keg, cask and canned beers into the market and remain dedicated to the original high standards of production. Smaller batch sizes, premium barleys, whole leaf hops, optimum conditioning times. All our beers are kegged, casked and canned on site and held in cold storage prior to direct delivery by our team.

Pure, fresh beers, carbonated less, so you don't feel gassy.