This is us

Murray Roos arrived in London after spending one of his internships as a chemical engineer studying the production methods of the leading beers at Newlands Brewery in Cape Town.

On a mission  to design something himself, he converted a garden shed in Wimbledon, equipped it with a bespoke pilot brewing kit and began making beers that he thought would compete on flavour and consistency.

The shed was then unpredictably commandeered by the kids as a den and Mrs Roos encouraged him to set up commercial premises instead.

Today, Signal is based in South London, just outside Croydon, sat neatly between Ikea, the tram stop and the back of Asda – (we call that the Golden Triangle.)   We have a patient landlord, a hard-working and passionate team and a newly opened taproom.

Our emphasis is on very natural brewing practices and SUPER-FRESH BEERS.  We make unfiltered and unpasteurised products which have every ounce of flavour retained and we use no preservatives or additives.   Everything is carefully conditioned and gently carbonated, so you don’t feel bloated.

We blend the finest malted barleys and whole leaf hops to produce a range of 5 keg and 2 cask beers which we package on site.

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