Signal was established in South London in 2016 by a chemical engineer and friend whose over-riding ambition was to design a range of delicious beers that would compete with the ‘Big Names’ on flavour, price and quality.

We now make a range of 7 beers in keg, cask and small pack beers that do this, whilst staunchly avoiding short-cuts, additives and other tricks.

Everything is conditioned with care, lightly carbonated and cold stored before direct delivery to pubs, bars restaurants and households across the UK.

Like many modern businesses, we are making headway with our sustainability and our footprint is very much at the forefront of our minds.  Signal packaging is fully recyclable and we aim to become as sustainable as possible in other areas of the business imminently.

In addition to a Taproom at HQ, we operate a Cafe-Bar at The O2 arena in Greenwich called Cloud Nine where you will find artisan coffee, soft drinks, beer & spirits before your event whilst we exist in this ‘new normal’ together.

Come and say hi at either of our venues!

Charlie Luckin, MD, Signal