Signal Taproom

Postcode: CR0 4XN, Therapia Lane tram

The taproom at the Brewery is (ordinarily) open every Saturday from 12:30-1830 so bring a crew.

If you would like to organise an event, sticking to government guidelines, we can host small groups up to 30 at the moment so name your date and event and we can help you plan it.

We serve beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks and can also organise fantastic street food.  And you can DJ if you like!


CLOUD NINE @ The O2 closed temporarily as of 18 Dec 2020

Whilst the O2 arena and the Icon retail unit is closed, we will also sadly be closing our cafe-bar CLOUD NINE.  We will relay when it is safe to re-open it.



Contract canning & brewing

We offer both mobile canning on site at your brewery and contract brewing and canning at ours

Please contact Jen on 020 8684 6111 to discuss