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Join us for Oktoberfest!

We’re proud of our South London roots but very happy to jump aboard German traditions in the name of celebrating good beer!

Next month, we’re joining forces with our neighbours Anspach and Hobday, to hold an Oktoberfest event the Bavarians would be happy to raise a Stein to.

For those unfamiliar – Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest (a large event in German-speaking countries which usually combines a beer festival or wine festival and a travelling funfair). The 3 week event is held annually in Munich, Bavaria, Germany around late Sept/Oct and attracts more than six million international and national visitors.

On Saturday 1st October, we’ll be transforming our forecourt surroundings for our version of this beer lover’s paradise.

We’ll have eight different beers to try including Pilsner, Rauch and Sticke & Wheat.

Singer, musician and all-round entertainer, Talia, will incorporate an accordion into her performance, before legendary Absolute Radio DJ, Leona Graham takes to the decks.

The Homie’s Kitchen will be keeping hunger at bay with their delicious tacos. Yep, you heard us Tacos. Might not be the most obvious food for an Oktoberfest celebration but Rajen’s OcTACOfest menu will feature a Bratwurst number.

We’ll be raiding our wardrobes and donning the lederhosen (and encouraging guests to do the same – with a prize for the most impressive outfits).

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