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Signal Brewery Produces Kingmaker Beer, a Pale Ale for Nicholson’s Pubs

Celebrate King Charles’ coronation with a Kingmaker, a zesty, regal pale ale on draught exclusively in all Nicholson’s pubs.

The first pint was pulled by his son, William, Prince of Wales at the Dog and Duck in Soho!

The UK’s biggest royal celebrations have traditionally been celebrated with specially made beers.

Kingmaker, from craft brewers Signal Brewery, is the latest in a long list of celebration ales.

Available exclusively at Nicholson’s pubs from 6 May, Coronation Day.

And there’s no better way of having the first pint of Kingmaker beer pulled than having the Prince of Wales himself pull it!

In a walkabout on Thursday, 4th May, Prince William got to pull the first pint at the Dog and Duck in London’s Soho.

The Prince of Wales pulling a pint of Signal's Kingmaker Pale Ale, brewed exclusively for Nicholson's Pubs to mark the Coronation of King Charles III.

Celebration ales are a chance for brewers and publicans to produce unique beers to mark those moments when we come together to celebrate major events. The Coronation of King Charles III on 6 May 2023 is the latest in these perfect moments.

Together with hop specialists Charles Faram, The Beer Company and Nicholson’s Pubs, Signal Brewery have produced Kingmaker, a light, zesty, somewhat regal pale ale. This limited-edition cask ale will be available on Coronation Day, Saturday 6 May 2023. And you don’t want to miss this.

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The team sought out the ideal ingredients for Kingmaker. Naturally this was a beer that called for the hop Kingmaker to be used and the brewers also settled, somewhat appropriately, on Windsor yeast. It makes a classic British ale and gives Kingmaker a strength of body that belies its 4% ABV and also a delightful subtle sweetness.

“Signal Brewery is delighted to link up with Nicholson’s and Charles Faram to produce Kingmaker Pale Ale exclusively for the coronation of King Charles III. It is excellent to see Farams breeding delicious, modern varieties to represent the British hop market.”

Tom Goble & Stirling Mitchell, Signal Brewery

Kingmaker, the ultimate celebration ale for King Charles’ coronation, is a delightful summery pale ale with undertones of grapefruit and clementine. Kingmaker is brewed by Signal Brewery for the Coronation of King Charles III, with invaluable support of The Beer Company, Charles Faram & Nicholson’s Pubs. Available exclusively at Nicholson’s Pubs from 6 May 2023.